The heir of Galina Ustvolskaya and her husband for 43 years, Konstantin Bagrenin, can be reached at
Mr. Bagrenin does not speak English, so please CC your message to Andrei Bakhmin — — who will translate for him. Please note that Mr. Bagrenin can read German, but cannot write it. His eyesight is poor, so he can read letters in large and bold type only.

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The composer's archive, including the scores, the manuscript's copies, the cube made by Ustvolskaya for Composition No 2, notes, letters, photographs, documents, books and personal belongings was handed over by K. Bagrenin to A. Bakhmin in January 2015 and is now located in Moscow.

The manuscripts of Galina Ustvolskaya are stored in the Paul Sacher Stiftung archive since 1994, except for Grand Duet, which is stored in the archives of M. Rostropovich and Concerto, Octet & Sonata No 4, which are lost.

The interests of Galina Ustvolskaya outside of Russia & CIS are represented by Sikorski Music Publishers. You can obtain the scores of Galina Ustvolskaya via Sikorski Music Publishers.

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Galina Ustvolskaya loved the colour red in all its manifestations, hence its use on this site.

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